JUMLA has launched its logistics services in Kuwait

The unparalleled second-to-last-mile delivery service is set to transform the way goods are getting shipped to businesses

KUWAITJUMLA, the recognized community for simplified sourcing has launched its “second-to-last-mile” logistics service in Kuwait. Jumla has been building the region’s largest community of businesses with the aim of simplifying their complex daily sourcing activities of food, beverage, and consumables.

The new service is set to transform the physical distribution of goods and delivers a new, simplified sourcing experience only possible with the power of the company’s e-commerce platform, JUMLA Club. The service will further empower businesses to efficiently source their needs, which starts by providing them with access to the entire marketplace, and by managing their entire supply chain from one place. By consolidating and digitizing the distribution channels between food suppliers and their business clients, JUMLA is set to drive efficiencies in this fragmented market, and to deliver its clients an exceptional service at a very competitive cost.

JUMLA Logistics Services offers hundreds of businesses the ability to receive free next-day consolidated shipments regardless of the number of suppliers they are sourcing from. Orders processed through JUMLA Logistics Services are picked up from suppliers’ warehouses, sorted at JUMLA’s Rapid Fulfillment Center (RFC), and delivered to businesses on the next business day. Uniquely designed with four different temperature zones, JUMLA Delivery Trucks can handle all types of food and beverage products. Consolidating and planning routes for next-business-day deliveries allows JUMLA to highly utilize its assets compared to last-mile delivery providers who need to respond to orders on the go.

“Our business clients have always considered dealing with multiple daily drops of their purchases as their biggest challenge in running their day-to-day operations,” said Yousuf Al Marzook, Cofounder of JUMLA. He added, “We knew that conventional last mile delivery won’t address these challenges, hence we devised our unparalleled delivery service centered around consolidation and efficiency.”

Today 35% of orders placed on JUMLA Club are getting delivered through its own network. The company plans to have all orders delivered using JUMLA Logistics Services by the end of the second quarter of 2020.


Commenced operations in March 2018, JUMLA is the region’s largest community of food and consumables suppliers. It simplifies sourcing and distribution for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and offices through its unique electronic and logistics platform. The company’s e-commerce platform, JUMLA Club, currently houses more than 44,000 offerings from 220 vendors representing 2,200 local and international brands.